Nusa Peninda is a very beautiful island, and is included in the Bali region which has now become a tourist destination that deserves to be admired by foreign tourists, various supporting aspects have become a very popular part, both from marine ecosystems, stunning views to instagramable spots and more and more attracting fans day by day.

Being between the two Indonesian Tourism Islands, Bali and Lombok, makes it shine even more as the new hottest destination in 2019.
No need to linger, here are the uniqueness of Nusa Peninda Island:


Nusa Peninda Island is a small island like the Gili Islands in Lombok such as Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air which have very low crime rates and can even be said to be non-existent.

The livelihoods of the population are quite sufficient to support the economy, causing local residents to be busy at work, besides that the awareness factor of the community is very high in maintaining the beauty and comfort of foreign tourists in making visits.

With this unique value, of course, it will provide its own comfort and security value for tourists in making their tourist visits.

This is also proven by the number of farmers who release their cows in Nusa Peninda without worrying about the theft of their livestock, this is a real manifestation of public awareness of the importance of security.


As a tourist area that is very popular today, Nusa Peninda presents a very charming underwater world and gives foreign tourists awe who visit. There are several spots that become underwater tourist destinations such as:

  1. Manta Bay

Manta which in Indonesian is interpreted as a stingray, is a fish that lives in sea waters with a long tail and wings, this species is indeed very popular in our ears, Indonesian residents, but did you know that this one animal can be found on the island of Nusa Peninda with visit the Manta Bay spot on Nusa Peninda.

Bay which in Indonesian is interpreted as a bay, namely sea waters that lead or lead, bend to the mainland, to be able to access all the spots on Nusa Peninda you can join the Cheap Nusa Penida Tour Packages that have been arranged in such a way for customer satisfaction

  1. Crystal Bay

This spot is known as a super great snorkeling spot with crystal-like water clarity so that local residents call it crystal bay, you want to do underwater activities by witnessing its various ecosystems, don’t forget to visit this place and add it to your list of destinations.

Provide your mask and snorkel to access this sea, because our story will not adequately represent the beauty of the underwater world that you will encounter later.

  1. Buddha Bay

Buddha Bay remember not Buddha Bar.
What comes to your mind about this one spot, of course your picture will be the same as the picture in my head.

Kepala Buddha dan Patung buddha yang menghiasi alam bawah laut Nusa Peninda, jangan lupa membawa go pro kamera anda untuk mengabadikan momen-momen terbaik dalam liburan anda yang tentunya akan memberikan kesan terbaik.

Nusa Penida terkenal dengan obyek bawah lautnya sehingga banyak penyelam dari manca negara datang ke Nusa Penida untuk mengexplorasi keindahan panorama bawah laut Nusa Penida.Tidak heran jika kapal pesiar Quiksilver lalulalang kesini…

Temukan Fastboat Murah ke Nusa Penida yang bisa anda jadikan referensi dalam memilih alat transportasi anda selama liburan ke Nusa Penida ataupun jika anda ingin berhemat dan tidak perlu merencanakan segala hal dari Makan, Transport Laut, Transport Darat hingga Laut  beserta tujuan wisata,

Maka anda cukup melakukan reservasi paket tour dari kami dengan harga murah hanya Rp. 600.000/orang sudah termasuk tiekt fastboat PP, Makan Siang, Tiket all Destinasi, Private Car hingga keunjungan ke 4 Destinasi utama
– Kelingking Beach
– Crystal Bay Beach 
– Angel Billabong 
– Broken Beach
Selain menawarkan wisata laut, Nusa Penida juga mempunyai beberapa tempat yang sangat indah untuk dikunjungi, diantaranya Pantai Penida, Pura Batumedawu, Pura Goa Giri Putri, Pura Dalem Ped, Puncak Mundi, dan beberapa sumber mata air di sebelah selatan Nusa Penida yang menawarkan pemandangan Laut dengan tebing yang berketinggian antara 50 – 200 meter.

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